Our Expert Virtual PA Services

Inbox? Sorted. Schedule? Confirmed. Expenses? Filed.
See what a Virtual Personal Assistant can do for you.

Diary Management

Have your day-to-day appointments streamlined by your personal Virtual Assistant.

Travel Booking

Traveling is enough of a hassle. Let your VA make the arragnements.

Event Organisation

Your personal VA can do the behind the scenes work to help you pull of a great event.

Lifestyle Support

From finding a dentist, to sending flowers - Your enterprise PA can do all the legwork

Research & Reports

Keep on top of trends, insights and pull all the stats you need - with your VA's help.

Inbox Management

You'll never miss an important message or forget to respond with a PA in charge of your e-mails.

Meeting Preparation

Need a venue? Someone to set an agenda? Your Online PA can plan ahead for you.

General Admin

Your VA can take on everything you haven't thought of - and get it done.

Financial Admin

Finance information often elusive? Your VA can help the experts get the info they need.

Manage your busy diary.

When you’ve got a lot on your plate things can change pretty fast.

Day-to-day stuff like meeting times, dates, venues and locations, can spiral out of control. But by handing diary access over to your trusted VA you can avoid any clashes.

Our Virtual Personal Assistants can:

  • Find meeting spaces and make arrangements to get you there on time
  • Match meeting requests with times and locations to suit you
  • Keep track of your movements to optimise your time away from the office
  • Reschedule appointments when necessary
  • Book new and fancy restaurants that’ll wow your clients

Heading Out & About?

Organising travel arrangements yourself can take up a lot of valuable time.

That’s where a VA can help: they can find out what suits your schedule, budget and needs when work (or play) whisks you away.

Virtual Assistants can handle everything:

  • Source hotels near where you need to be to save you time on arrival
  • Cross-reference your schedule to find flights, trains and transfers that suit you
  • Make life easier by organising visas, insurance and other add-ons
  • Arranging visas and travel documentation
  • Sketch out a travel itinerary to keep your busy schedule on track when you’re away
  • Need a holiday? Your VA can use their contacts to find you a welcome break

Smoother Event Organisation

Like meetings, events take a lot of time to organise. And it takes a special type of person to keep on top of everything: suppliers, catering, accommodation, speakers and delegates.

Our VAs have got your back. They can:

  • Find the perfect venue and make sure it fits with your needs, budgets and schedules
  • Stay in constant contact with those attending, speaking and offering services
  • Make sure brochures are printed and logistics are taken care of
  • Book caterers, arrange hotels and make sure everyone gets there on time
  • Liaise with attendees and delegates to inform them of updates

Achieve Work-Life Balance

You have a busy life. Hobbies. Friends. Families. Mortgages. Making good on your gym membership(!). Fitting it all in is a must. Having a Virtual PA service earmark time for the important and essential things makes them worth their weight in gold.

Your Virtual PA can:

  • Schedule in doctors, dentists and other personal appointments
  • Send flowers to your dearest when you’re working late (again)
  • Remember to send gifts on birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.
  • Make sure you book out time to de-stress and relax
  • Research far-flung flights and exotic holidays around your busy diary

Ramp Up Reports & Presentations

In business, presentations and reports go with the territory. Instead of handling all of the cumbersome research, stats, facts and figures yourself, challenge your Virtual PA to collate the data you need to craft a standout story.

Our Virtual Personal Assistants can:

  • Research, collate and create management reports for investors and stakeholders
  • Liaise with partners and staff to gather essential report info
  • Work with contributors to ensure presentations are on-time and on-brand
  • Conduct desk research to verify all facts and figures
  • Quality check contributed material to make sure it fits with the overall report style

Achieve ‘Inbox Zero’

You won’t suffer from email overload with the help of a Virtual Assistant. This isn’t their first inbox rodeo.

Not only can they separate the wheat from the chaff, they can also proactively follow up on important matters and chase other people when needed.

‘Inbox zero’ is finally within sight.

A Virtual PA can:

  • Flag and forward important mail so you don’t miss anything major
  • Reply to urgent messages when you’re busy
  • Follow up, chase and take action on outstanding issues by email
  • Organise mailbox folders, labels and tags to keep everything clear and accessible
  • Act as your reliable point of contact for incoming enquiries

Preparing For a Big Meeting?

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. With a VA you need not worry. They can coordinate the logistics, venue, briefings and follow-up: the complete package.

A Virtual PA can:

  • Carry out competitor and industry research
  • Write up and issue agendas to prep everyone ahead of time
  • Dial into calls and take notes; quickly turning them into post-meeting minutes
  • Draw up slide decks and create key documents for those attending
  • Find and book the perfect venue; one that suits everyone

Handle Your Admin

Admin tasks are second nature to our VAs! They can pretty much tackle any task you send their way; adding them to their to-do lists and getting them done in next-to-no time.

Ask your Virtual PA to:

  • Update your CRM system, to make sure all data is present and correct
  • Collect data from booking systems and reply to website enquiries
  • Transcribe audio notes, and draft letters and emails, to better leverage your time
  • Format all kinds of documents and collate presentation material

Manage Your Finances

VAs do a great job of staying on top of your finances. Though they’re not accountants, they run a tight ship when it comes to money management; supporting you with day-to-day admin, expenses and by liaising with your appointed finance professionals.

Task a Virtalent VA to:

  • Handle bills, purchase orders and other fiddly financial tasks
  • Take the hassle out of expense filing
  • Chase unpaid invoices to keep cash flow on track
  • Chasing unpaid invoices
  • Keep an eye on transactions by reconciling spending
  • Save time by sourcing info for your accountant or bookkeeper

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